Geri Halliwell Goodnight Kiss текст и слова песни

Geri Halliwell Goodnight Kiss текст и слова песни

Текст и слова песни Geri Halliwell-Goodnight Kiss

I ain't sleeping too much in my head
I've been thinking somethin's left unsaid.
And in the morning feeling just the same
Boy it's killing me
I ain't crying don't wanna be alone
Just need lifting from
my melancholic tone.

Make no mistake,
A little too late is just too long.
Don't ask me why, this is good-bye
If you do me wrong.

So baby tonight, I might, let you in.
No need to fight I'm yours, so let's begin
But baby I know,
when you go your touch I'll miss.
But starting tonight
if you don't treat me right
Then it's just gonna
end as a goodnight kiss.

Boy, your dreamin you don't know what to do
Don't be shy STOP, I'm coming through
And in the meantime if you have a little doubt

Make no mistake, it's never too late
What's done can be undone
Don't be afraid to do what I say
The best is yet to come.

I'd rather be lonely, then be with a phoney
If I'm not the girl in your head.
I'd rather be wrong if it doesn't feel right
Cos boy your killing me tonight...